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Indestructible and U-S
Everlasting Cylinders

An Illustrated History and Cylinderography

By Kurt Nauck & Allan Sutton

Indestructible & U-S Everlasting Cylinder Records

6" x 9" hardcover with dust-jacket
288 pages
(24 pages in color)
50 illustrations

ISBN 978-0-9825595-7-4

Indestructible and U-S Everlasting Cylinders is the first new study of these records in more than five decades. It covers all brands and series and includes release dates, composer credits, alternate versions, special-use issues, and other data not found in the old Deakins and Annand guides.

The cylinderography — compiled from an extensive examination of the original records, box lids, catalogs, and advertisements — corrects the errors and omissions found in earlier works. It includes much previously unpublished data, including information on rarities like the Medicophone and Singaphone cylinders.

The introductory history is the first fully detailed and properly documented study of the companies and people who produced these cylinders. Richly illustrated, it draws on original legal papers, patent filings, newspaper and trade journal reports, the papers of J. Louis von der Mehden (U-S Everlasting’s musical director), and other primary-source materials.

Additional features include a pictorial guide to boxes, lids, cylinder colors, and rims; a user’s guide; notes on scarcity and value; and artist and title indexes.

KURT NAUCK is the owner of Nauck's Vintage Records, the world's largest dealer in rare vintage recordings. He is the co-author (with Mike Sherman) of Notes the Notes and The Collector's Guide to Victor Records.

ALLAN SUTTON is the author of numerous books and articles on early American recordings and the recording industry, including the Evolution of American Recording series, and is the winner of the 2013 ARSC Lifetime Achievement Award.

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