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This title is out-of-print in book form. The CD-ROM edition contains the complete contents of the original book, deleting only the introductory preface and comments by the editor of the print edition. Royalties from the sale of this work benefit the Brian Rust estate.

Mr. Rust's death several years ago was a great loss to the collecting community, but his legacy will be carried on by Mainspring Press, to which he assigned exclusive world rights to produce and publish all subsequent revisions and editions of Jazz Records.

The sixth edition of Brian Rust's classic jazz discography is back, in a convenient CD-ROM version at an affordable price. This new CD contains the complete Sixth Edition discography and indexes — now out of print as a book. You'll find many convenient new features, including the addition of running heads, interactive bookmark links to each chapter, a flexible search engine, and instant on-screen type-size scalability.

Jazz and Ragtime Records contains complete discographic details for more than 33,000 jazz and jazz-related recordings on 78s, cylinders, and transcriptions — including full personnel; vocalists; arrangers; conductors; accompanists; performer pseudonyms; recording dates and locations; catalog, matrix and take numbers; and title and artist indexes.

The most convenient version ever of Brian Rust's classic jazz discography


  •  Windows 98 or later; MacOS-X; or other Mac capable of reading PC-formatted CDs
  •  Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 5or later (latest version available free of charge at www.abode.com)
  •  Minimum 512 megbytes of RAM (1 gigabyte or higher recommended)
  •  Minimum 25 megabytes of free hard-disc space, if running from hard drive *
  •  CD-ROM drive, preferably with auto-start capability **
  •  Two-button mouse, preferably with scroll button

*  Files can be run directly from the CD, or can be copied to your hard drive for faster performance.
** Auto-start capability is disabled for Mac. Mac users, or those whose computers lack auto-start capability, may open the    discography manually from the directory.

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